Basic Tasks:

Price Pool: $20,000 in GENS
Number of winners: 2,000

  • How to Participate?

Add https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/genshiro/ and https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/equilibrium-eq/ico/ to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap

Please complete the Gleam form and receive your coupon number

Submit the registration form: https://forms.gle/7h2KHhfDnuCVtYRH6
By the end of the airdrop campaign, we will randomly pick 2,000 winners who will share the $20,000 in GENS prize pool. Rewards will be sent within two weeks after the airdrop ends.

  • Advanced Tasks:

Price pool: $180,000 in GENS
Number of winners: unlimited

Support Genshiro Parachain and get additional 400 GENS on each KSM
Min stake: 0.5 KSM

Special reward for CoinMarketCap airdrop participants who stake less than 50 KSM:
2,400 GENS on 1 KSM staked

WARNING: please follow the steps below. Be sure that you submit the form before your stake KSM, otherwise we will not accept this submission and you will not receive additional 400 GENS.

Fill out the participation form: https://forms.gle/KKZEFwSdiKGBWh366
Stake your KSM using this link (Min 0.5 KSM): https://genshiro.equilibrium.io/gateway/en/crowdloan?utm_source=coinmarketcap&utm_campaign=cmcairdrop

All participants who complete the advanced task will get their rewards within two weeks after the airdrop ends

Just a tall guy, quite interested in cryptocurrency and Blockchain

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Mmenieabasi Etudor

Mmenieabasi Etudor

Just a tall guy, quite interested in cryptocurrency and Blockchain

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